The History of is the brainchild of Yorick Brown III, a technology consultant who hails from the islands of The Bahamas.

Launched in December 2003, this website has morphed many times in a variety of different ways. Offering up news articles, streaming media and the best Bahamian links on the web, the site remains relevant for Bahamians and visitors from all over the world. was the first website to reliably and continuously stream the television content of the Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas (ZNS) and started doing so in July of 2004, almost a full year before CNN  started their own dedicated streaming network (CNN Pipeline - June 2005). DaBahamianTing's ZNS stream ceased operation on December 2008 and plans are underway to feature other Caribbean-based television stations on by the end of 2009.

Presently featuring Cable Bahamas' community television channel, a youTube channel, an exclusive all-Bahamian music channel and several other radio stations at, continues to spread its reach to a wider audience through the latest social networking and information gathering technologies:

- the 3D avatar world of Vivaty (

- a downloadable toolbar (

- daily Bahamian news from the web (

- Twitter (

- Facebook (

Feel free to pass on ideas, comments or questions about

Thanks for visiting and keep on doing da Bahamian ting! TV
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